Inside Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Net Worth And Relationship Status Now That He's Come Out Of Hiding (2024)


  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas has a $12 million fortune as reported in April 2024, despite disappearing from Hollywood.
  • Former Home Improvement stars like Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen have impressive fortunes as well.
  • Taylor Thomas was linked to a few women during the '90s and 2000s, but his love life has remained private since then.

Even at the height of Home Improvement's success, the show's stars weren't making $1 million per episode as some TV stars have. However, Home Improvement was popular enough that fans wanted to know why Patricia Richardson quit the show and what happened to Taran Noah Smith.

Of course, every Home Improvement fan will likely remember when Jonathan Taylor Thomas became the show's breakout star. Following that, Taylor Thomas pretty much disappeared for years. After that absence, Taylor Thomas resurfaced which left the show's fans wondering things like if he was rich and married.

This article will reveal what is known about how much money Jonathan Taylor Thomas is worth, as of April 2024. Then, the article will look at what has been reported about Taylor Thomas' love life.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is Still A Wealthy Man Despite Leaving Hollywood Decades Ago

When Jonathan Taylor Thomas was still a child, he was hired to star in a little sitcom starring an up-and-coming comedian named Tim Allen. Thankfully for Taylor Thomas, Home Improvement went on to be a smash hit that stayed on the air for eight seasons. However, Taylor Thomas decided to quit the show early as he barely appeared in the final season.

Since he was a huge star as a child and young adult, there was no doubt that Taylor Thomas was paid a lot of money. Then, Taylor Thomas shocked many observers when he left acting and the resulting big paydays behind.

Since Taylor Thomas disappeared for years, many fans have wondered how rich he is when he comes out of hiding. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Taylor Thomas remains a wealthy man, as he has a $12 million fortune as of April 2024.

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While it may surprise some to learn that Taylor Thomas reportedly still has so much money, it makes sense for two main reasons. The first of those reasons is the fact that people underestimate how much money Taylor Thomas had the potential to make as a youngster.

When and where Jonathan Taylor Thomas born, according to Famous Birthdays?

When was Jonathan Taylor Thomas born?:

September 8, 1981

Where was Jonathan Taylor Thomas born?:

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

How old is Jonathan Taylor Thomas as of April 2024?:

42 years old

When a show becomes as popular as Home Improvement once was, the series' stars typically make a lot of money. After all, the last thing the networks typically want is for the stars of a cash cow show to quit.

With that in mind, it is all but certain that Taylor Thomas was paid a lot of money to star in Home Improvement. That is especially true considering that Taylor Thomas' Home Improvement salary would need to be adjusted for inflation to be put in the full context.


Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Home Improvement Co-Stars Treat Him Differently When He Became A Teen Heartthrob?

When Jonathan Taylor Thomas became one of the biggest teen heartthrobs in history, his Home Improvement co-stars noticed and reacted.

On top of Taylor Thomas' television salary, fans will remember that he headlined several movies. Since Taylor Thomas became one of the most popular teen heartthrobs in the world during the '90s, the movie studios wanted to work with him.

During the '90s, Taylor Thomas headlined movies like The Lion King, Man of the House, Tom and Huck, Wild America, and I'll Be Home for Christmas, among others. While there is no way to know how much Taylor Thomas made from each of those roles, that would add up quickly.

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The second reason that it isn't surprising that Taylor Thomas would still be wealthy is that is also the case for most of his former co-stars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, almost all of Home Improvement's former stars continue to have impressive fortunes as of April 2024.

Of course, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Tim Allen is the wealthiest former Home Improvement star. After all, Allen has starred in a slew of movies, including the Santa Clause and Toy Story series, and he also headlined the sitcom Last Man Standing.

Thanks to all of Allen's success, he has a $100 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


Does Zachery Ty Bryan Still Earn Massive Home Improvement Royalties Despite His Jail Time And Felony Charges?

Former Home Improvement star Zachary Ty Bryan has gotten into serious trouble which may affect his royalty payments from the beloved sitcom.

In addition to Taylor Thomas and Allen, two more former Home Improvement stars are worth $10 million or above, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The outlet reports that Patricia Richardson is worth $20 million and Richard Karn has a $10 million fortune as of April 2024.

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Celebrity Net Worth also reports that Debbe Dunning is worth $4 million and Earl Hindman's estate is worth the same amount. Finally, the outlet reports that Zachery Ty Bryan is worth $5 million and Taran Noah Smith has a $300,000 fortune.

After starring in Home Improvement, Taran Noah Smith went on to have a controversial and costly marriage. Noah Smith and his ex-wife, who was 16 years older, opened a failed business that lost a lot of money. On top of that, Noah Smith has claimed his ex-wife took money out of his account. With all that in mind, it makes sense that Noah Smith is only worth $300,000 as of April 2024.

Considering that Noah Smith reportedly is the only Home Improvement star who isn't worth millions, it would be shocking if Taylor Thomas had somehow gone broke.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Keeps His Love Life A Secret

When Jonathan Taylor Thomas was one of the world's top teen heartthrobs, there were millions of youngsters who were smitten with him. As a result, there was a staggering amount of interest in Taylor Thomas' love life during the '90s and 2000s.


The Original Actor Who Played Home Improvement's Jill Taylor Was Fired Because Viewers Thought She Felt Like Tim Allen's Victim

Before Patricia Richardson was cast in Home Improvement, another actor was fired from her role because her chemistry with Tim Allen was all wrong.

Since Taylor Thomas was a huge deal at the time, enough was reported about him that the website Who's Dated Who lists some of his relationships from the '90s and 2000s.

According to the website, Taylor Thomas dated Nikki Hale, Scarlett Pomers, and Natalie Wright during those years. Who's Dated Who also reports that it was rumored that Taylor Thomas was involved with a woman named Jessica Bowman.

Inside Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Net Worth And Relationship Status Now That He's Come Out Of Hiding (7)

However, once Taylor Thomas stepped away from the spotlight, the media stopped reporting on his love life. That has resulted in nothing being known about who Taylor Thomas dated in the 2010s and 2020s.

According to We Got This Covered, it can be stated that Taylor Thomas has never gotten married. However, the outlet admits that there is no way to know if Taylor Thomas has been single, dating, or in a long-term relationship during the 2010s and 2020s.

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Inside Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Net Worth And Relationship Status Now That He's Come Out Of Hiding (2024)
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