Fishing Report - Southeast Zone (2024)

Fishing Report - Southeast Zone (1)

June 12, 2024‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

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Best bets for weekend fishing

  • The black drake mayfly hatch is waning but still good in multiple locations (Fivemile Creek, Long Creek, Upper Williamson, Wood River, NF Sprague River, SF Sprague River, Sprague River and Sycan River)
  • Access is available to Miller Lake and Fourmile Lake
  • Crappie fishing is picking up on the Owyhee Reservoir and should improve as the spawning season approaches.
  • This is the best time of year to fish Cottonwood Meadows Lake, where anglers have been catching trout up to 18 inches.

Trout stocking

Scheduled to be stocked the week of June 10:

Lake of the Woods‌

Recently stocked:

Thompson Valley Reservoir, Holbrook Reservoir, Powder River, Heart Lake, Taylor Green Pond, Ana Reservoir, Lofton Reservoir, Bully Creek Reservoir‌

Check out the 2024 trout stocking schedule.

Trout stocking maps

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities. ‌


Fish consumption advisories

The Oregon Health Authority has issued consumption guidelines for various waterbodies in Oregon including the Snake and Columbia Rivers due to high levels of mercury and/or PCBs. Fish with these chemicals look, act, smell and taste like any other fish, so caution is important.‌

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Updates by waterbody

AGENCY LAKE (including Straits): redband trout, yellow perch, brown trout‌

Open year-round. Redband trout are moving to the mouth of the Wood River area. The algae bloom has started. The lake is still very full. Agency Lake is terrible to fish in the wind and even harder to launch/trailer your boat at Henzel Park. Best fishing is trolling minnow imitations from a boat.‌

Redband trout will have moved into the water quality refuge at the mouth of the Wood River in good numbers this week. June is the best month to fish this area. Overall fishing is fair.‌

Catch rates remain low due to record setting drought in the years 2020 thru 2022 resulting in poor survival of juvenile redband trout and subsequent recruitment into the adult population.‌

Agency Lake regulations are catch-and-release for redband/rainbow trout with no bait allowed (artificial flies and lures only). The boundary of Agency Lake is the south end of the Straits. This change is due to record low spawning escapement for trophy redband trout throughout the Klamath Basin in 2020. ODFW also encourages the use of single barbless hooks in this fishery, not removing the fish from the water, and using catch-and-release rubber nets.‌

Keep on the lookout for radio tagged redband trout. These fish must be released unharmed. The long antenna looks like fishing line coming from the abdomen. Please report any radio tagged fish. Last updated 6/12/24.

ANA RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, hybrid bass‌

The reservoir was stocked with 600 trophy rainbow trout the first week of May. The reservoir is full and all boats can launch at the ramp. Recent fishing reports for holdover rainbow trout have been slow.‌

There have not been any recent fishing reports for wipers. Bait fishing is the proven method for catching hybrid bass, but fly-fishing and casting Rapalas are also effective when these fish are feeding. Rapalas that imitate tui chub and rainbow trout, favorite food sources for hybrid bass, are good bets for catching these fish. On sunny days you will need to fish deeper than cloudy days. Last updated 5/15/24.‌

ANA RIVER: rainbow trout‌

Flows are more constant right now and fishing should be picking up. There are some really nice fish in this river, but patience is key when targeting these fish.‌

This river is spring fed and does not freeze in the winter. Ana River is a great match-the-hatch fly-fishing river with good hatches throughout the year. Hatches typically occur during the afternoon from 12-3 p.m. Small blue-winged olive mayfly hatches are typically best on overcast days with light rain. Beadheads under a bobber work as well as stripping minnow patterns in low light conditions.‌

Tui chub are abundant in the river therefore casting large flies or lures can be effective for catching larger fish. Bait fishing is allowed, and anglers can keep 5 trout. Last updated 3/28/24.

ANNIE CREEK: brook trout, brown trout and redband trout‌

Open year round with bait allowed. Fishing is slow. Fishing is almost always slow especially with very cold-water temperatures. Flows continue to be high, cold and turbid from snowmelt.‌

Annie Creek flows

Most of the creek is dominated by small brook trout up to 10 inches. Brown trout are rare and redband trout are highly unlikely in the catch. Please report any redband/rainbow trout caught in the creek to ODFW at 541-883-5732. ‌

Access is available year-round off Hwy. 62 at the USFS snow park. There is plenty of public property on USFS, State Forest and Crater Lake National Park – fishing is regulated by the National Park (541-594-3000). ‌

Several waterfalls occur on the creek inside Crater Lake National Park offering exceptional views. Last updated 6/12/24.

BECK KIWANIS POND, Ontario: trout, bluegill, largemouth bass‌

Beck Kiwanis was stocked with 2,000 rainbow trout on April 15. Fishing should be picking up for bluegill as water temperatures climb. Last updated 5/8/24.

BEULAH RESERVOIR: redband trout, hatchery rainbow trout, whitefish, bull trout‌

Beulah is currently at full pool. Fishing is fair for rainbow and redband trout in the 16-inch range. There should be some larger trout available as well. Water temperatures are still cool in the reservoir so there will be some bull trout around. Bull trout must be release unharmed. Last updated 5/8/24.

BIG ROCK RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout‌

The reservoir is accessible, and fishing has been excellent. Fish in the 9- to 11-inch range were biting anything that was thrown at them! Both bait, lures and flies are sure-fire ways to catch rainbow trout in this reservoir. Rainbow trout will continue growing this spring and summer. Perfect place to take kids and catch a lot of trout in this desert landscape. Last updated 5/8/23.

BLITZEN RIVER: redband trout, carp‌

The Blitzen is flowing at around 430 cubic feet per second at the gage at Page springs weir. Water temperatures are in the 40s. Water clarity will be variable depending on flows and warmer weather as snow melts off Steens Mountain. Last updated 5/22/24.

BURNS POND: trout‌

Burns Pond was stocked the week of April 9 with 2,700 legal sized trout. We have received reports of some nice holdover trout being caught as well. Last updated 4/10/24.

BULLY CREEK RESERVOIR: bass, catfish, crappie, rainbow trout‌

Bully Creek Reservoir is full. Some anglers have reported catching crappie in the 14-inch range. Bass fishing should improve as water temperatures increase. ‌

No trout have been stocked yet but if conditions remain cool enough we plan to stock this reservoir by the end of May.‌

This reservoir will be recovering from extremely low water in 2022 but bass and crappie fry that hatched last spring should grow fast and provide a great fishery in years to come. Last updated 5/8/24.

CAMPBELL LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout‌

Access is available and fishing should be good. There have not been any fishing reports, but holdover trout should be ready to bite. There is a small boat launch at this site. Trolling lures and flies can be excellent during this time of year. Last update 5/29/24.

CAMPBELL RESERVOIR: redband trout, largemouth bass, white and black crappie, bluegill‌

BLM, ODFW, and BOR stocked a total of 431 crappie in April ranging in size from 8 to 14 inches. Please let these crappie and largemouth bass spawn. ‌

Catch rates for largemouth bass and bluegill will continue to improve this week. The reservoir was dry in summer of 2022. All fish perished. ODFW and BLM have stocked many size classes of largemouth bass and a few crappie in 2023. Please release all fish as they need to spawn this year to repopulate the reservoir. There might also be a few redband trout around. The reservoir is about 70 percent full. ‌

There is no boat ramp on the reservoir that occurs on public property. Most of the reservoir sits on private property. You can park close to the water and haul a small boat to water's edge on BLM property. Water is slightly turbid but better water clarity than most desert reservoirs. Water temperature is warming fast. Last updated 6/5/24.

CHERRY CREEK: brook trout and redband trout‌

Open all year. Water temperatures are very cold, but snow is melting. Fishing not recommended due to high flows, cold-water temperatures, and mosquitoes!‌

Cherry Creek flows

This creek is very small; well-suited to fly-fishing. Brook trout are more abundant higher in the system. A very big fish in the creek is 10 inches. Water is crystal clear after it settles from the spring snow melt, and habitat is exceptional. ‌

The Cherry Creek trail parallels the creek and leads to many productive wilderness lakes. One of the best waterfalls in the basin is just off the trail.‌

ODFW encourages unlimited harvest of brook trout Recent sampling showed high densities of brook trout and redband trout lower on the creek. The redband trout in this creek are some of the prettiest around. Last updated 6/12/24.

CHEWAUCAN RIVER: redband trout, largemouth bass, brown bullhead‌

The river is slowing down and fishing should be pretty good right now. Casting dry flies in the morning and evening while fishing throughout the water column mid-day are productive tactics. Lures will also catch fish if retrieved correctly. Plan for fishing to be a tad slow as redband populations are lower right now due to drought and recent wildfires. Last updated 5/29/24.


Fishing has been good this past week with anglers reporting catching some trout in the 19-inch range. Anglers have been having success trolling, fishing from shore with bait or spinners, and fly fishing. Hot flies include leach patterns, blob flies and streamers. Last updated 5/8/24.

CORRAL CREEK (SF Sprague): brook trout and brown trout‌

Open year round. Bait is allowed. Fishing should be good at the large beaver ponds near confluence with SF Sprague River. There is a campground on the creek as well as very cool hiking trails in the Gearhart Mtns. Last updated 6/5/24.

COTTONWOOD MEADOW LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout‌

The lake is accessible, and this is the best time of year to fish this very productive lake. Fishing has been good recently for trout 8-17 inches. Trolling lures over certain areas in the lake produced 35 fish in 4 hours. Another angler reported catching 30 fish in 5 hours up to 18 inches. Trolling with flies or lures is by far the best option. Most fish are in the 8- to 12-inch range, but there are plenty of fish 16-20 inches.‌

The boat ramp near the dam is the best way to launch here. If bank fishing, try areas with less vegetation and keep your offering off the bottom. Call the local fish biologist for updated access information 541-947-2950. Last update 5/29/24.

CROOKED CREEK (Klamath Co): redband trout, brook trout and brown trout‌

Crooked Creek is open. Public access occurs above HWY 62. This section is typically slow for all fish. Small brook trout occur in the spring areas. Last updated 5/29/24.

CRYSTAL CREEK redband trout and yellow perch‌

Crystal Creek is open and fish should continue to move into the Creek to get out of the lake this week. There are many small redband trout this year from 8-16 inches. No bait is allowed. Best flies are those that mimic leeches or dragonflies. ‌

There is a boat ramp at Malone Springs. Best fishing is downstream of Malone Springs. The channel above Malone Springs can fill with aquatic vegetation later in the summer. The creek is best fished from a boat. ‌

Yellow perch are most abundant near Pelican Bay. Fishing is best during August and September when perch are densely schooled. Last updated 6/5/24.

Check Crystal Creek Flow. ‌

DEADHORSE LAKE: rainbow trout‌

The road is still inaccessible due to snow. If looking for an adventure you could hike the last ½ mile to get into this lake. Fish should be hungry coming out of the winter and spring. Last updated 5/29/24.

DEEP CREEK: redband trout‌

There is now access to the headwater creeks although some are pretty high with snow melt. ‌

Current river conditions are still fairly high and will probably remain that way for the next couple of weeks. Fishing success will increase as water temperatures increase and flows lessen. Best month to fish the lower portion this year will be late June. Last updated 5/29/24.

DELINTMENT LAKE: rainbow trout‌

Delintment is now accessible. There may be some new snow from this past weekend, but it should melt quickly with warmer weather on the way. Trout were rising this week, which means at least some holdover fish are available. Delintment was stocked last week with 5,000 legal trout. Last updated 5/22/24.

DOG LAKE: largemouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, brown bullhead, redband trout‌

The lake is open and the water is warming up fast. Bass fishing has been productive recently and the perch fishing seems to be heating up. There have been no reports of crappie yet, although they should be active. With the increasing temperatures it is a great time to fish this lake. Last updated 5/29/24.

DUNCAN RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow ‌

There have not been any recent fishing reports, but this reservoir was stocked with 200 trophy rainbow trout the first week of May. The reservoir is full with a decent boat ramp. There should be some holdover trout from last year. Trolling is a great way to find fish in this reservoir, but there is plenty of bank access to drown bait.‌

This has been an excellent trout fishery in the past, but in recent years people have ruined it by illegally introducing brown bullhead and largemouth bass. Please report illegal fish introductions to 1-800-452-7888. Last updated 5/15/24.

FISH LAKE (Steens Mountain): rainbow trout, brook trout‌

Check with Burns District BLM for updates on road closures or to inquire about access to this reservoir (541-573-4400). Last updated 5/24/24.

FORT CREEK: brown trout, redband trout, brook trout, bull trout‌

Fishing for brown trout can be very challenging in Fort Creek. Most of the creek on private property. IF you can get access, fishing is good near the confluence with the Wood River. Last updated 6/5/24.

FOURMILE CREEK (CANAL) (tributary to Agency Lake): brook, brown, redband trout, yellow perch‌

Open all year. Bait is allowed. Yellow perch fishing is very slow in Fourmile Canal, if you can find them. You can access the canal by boat from launching at Henzel Park. Best fishing fro perch is August and September. This area is not as turbid as the main lake.‌

Fishing at Fourmile Creek will be improving if you can find the concentrations of brook trout. Try the confluence with Fourmile Canal or where the Cherry Creek channel hits Fourmile Creek. A kayak can be launched at the headwaters at Fourmile Springs. There is also a beaver dam. Concentrate efforts around the dam. Flows and water levels are high. ‌

There is great match the hatch dry fly fishing during the black drake mayfly spinner fall. Parachute adams or cripple patterns can work well. Fishing in the area downstream of where Fourmile Creek hits Fourmile Canal can be excellent. Last updated 6/12/24.

Check Fourmile Canal Flow.‌

FOURMILE LAKE: hatchery rainbow trout, lake trout, kokanee, brook trout‌

Access to the lake is available. The lake is currently 55 percent full. Fishing should be fair for brook trout and lake trout. Best fishing is from a boat. Hatches of caddisflies, damselflies and dragonflies will interest the brook trout. Look for areas of flooded timber, tributary inputs and the large points.

Check Fourmile Lake Levels.‌

Please report any kokanee caught from the lake. ‌

Launching boats becomes particularly challenging as the lake recedes. There is no official concrete boat ramp with dock. Launching takes place from a sandy shoreline. Only small boats are recommended. You can also call Lake of the Woods Resort for updates. Last updated 6/12/24.

GERBER RESERVOIR: white and black crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead and largemouth bass‌

Fish sampling by Bureau of Reclamation this year showed incredible densities of yellow perch and some larger crappie. Use small hooks and bait for the perch as most are small with smallmouths.‌

Fishing should be improving for brown bullhead and yellow perch. Best place to fish for perch is at the north boat ramp. Near the Barnes Valley Boat ramp can also be worth a try if lake levels are high enough. Crappie fishing seems to be slowing as many crappie moved offshore. Fishing was hit or miss this year. Crappie fishing near the Creek channels can be good. ‌

The reservoir is 38 percent full. Call the Klamath Falls BLM office for updated information. A higher lake level improves the crappie fishery.‌

Gerber Reservoir water levels

Gerber Reservoir is a large turbid reservoir with good bank access. Most of the reservoir is on BLM property. Open all year. Last updated 6/12/24.

HEART LAKE: hatchery rainbow trout‌

The lake was stocked with 200 trophy rainbow trout for Memorial weekend. Fishing recently has been excellent. Fishermen have been trolling catching fat rainbow trout from 11-13 inches. Bait fishermen from the bank did poorly. The boat ramp is horrendous, but small boats can still be launched. The lake is full and fish have been rising throughout the morning. Last updated 5/29/24.

HOLBROOK RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout‌

The reservoir was stocked with 300 trophy rainbow trout for Memorial weekend. This reservoir was also stocked with 300 trophy trout mid May. Access is available, but there have not been any recent fishing reports. A boat is ideal as you can actively search for fish trolling, but bank fishing is usually productive as well. There should be quite a few holdover trout from last year. The reservoir has been spilling for the past 2 months so the boat ramp is easily accessible. Last updated 5/29/24.

J.C. BOYLE RESERVOIR (Topsy Reservoir), now Klamath River

The reservoir is now a river. All boat ramps are closed. The river is not accessible due to deep sediment and KRRC rules. The old reservoir will now change to the Klamath River regulations, which are: no bait allowed and one redband/rainbow trout in the 12- to 15-inch size class. Fishing will be closed June 15-Oct. 1 from Keno Dam downstream to Highway 66 Bridge. Last updated 3/6/24.

UPPER KLAMATH LAKE: native redband trout, yellow perch, kokanee, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead, tui chub and blue chub‌

The lake is open to fishing all year. Redband trout have begun to move to water quality refuge in good numbers this week. ‌

Most boat anglers troll lures that mimic minnows or sculpins. Best location to fish will be Pelican Bay. June is the best month to fish Pelican Bay. The algae bloom will continue to increase this week as water temperatures warm. ‌

Please remember that nets or traps of any type cannot be used to catch any species of fish. This includes minnows to use for bait. See page 20 of the Sport Fishing Regulations for legal harvest methods for minnows and chubs. ‌

ODFW encourages catch-and-release on this fishery due to record low spawning numbers in 2020 and very low numbers in 2019 and the record setting drought from 2020 thru 2022 which reduced survival. Please fight your fish quickly and then release your fish immediately without removing it from the water. Releasing fish is easier with barbless hooks. ‌

The lake is 0.8 feet below full pool and 87 percent full

Klamath Lake water levels

Please remember that once you retain your one redband/rainbow trout limit you must stop fishing for redband/rainbow trout. Also, all radio tagged redband trout must be released unharmed. Redband trout will have what looks to be fishing line coming from the abdomen. Last updated 6/12/24.

KLAMATH RIVER: native redband trout, rainbow trout, brown trout‌

Keno Dam downstream to Hwy 66

The river below Keno Dam will be closed after June 15. The fishery below Keno Dam has been slow due to extended drought in the past. We encourage catch-and-release in this fishery and handling fish carefully. Fishing should improve until the closure. Expect blizzard hatches of mayflies, damselflies, caddisflies.‌

Tungsten bead headed pheasant tails and tungsten bead head caddis pupae will work well this time of year. Bait fish imitations and leech patterns also work well. The Rebel Craw crankbait is also very effective. No bait allowed!‌

Fishing not recommended in the old JC Boyle Reservoir riverbed as getting to the river is nearly impossible in most areas due to very deep sediments. Access to the old Topsy Reservoir bed is also prohibited by KRRC currently. ‌

Regulations changed Jan. 1, 2024, to a bag limit of one redband-rainbow trout per day in the 12 to 15-inch size class. This regulation is to protect large redband trout spawners, chinook and steelhead smolts and adults. The river will be closed from June 15 to Oct. 1 from Keno Dam to the Highway 66 Bridge downstream.‌

Access is very challenging. The road into Keno Dam is very bad. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. There are other points of access that require a long hike to the river.‌

The river is difficult wading. Anglers who wade should have studded wading boots, wading belt, wading staff, polarized glasses and maybe a helmet and shin guards. The bottom is very slick and bedrock ledges can drop off quickly. Visibility is also poor. ‌

Water temperature increased to 72 and flows have decreased to 742 cfs. Turbidity has decreased to 6 FNU.‌

Check KlamatKeno Reach flows.‌

Once you retain your limit of redband-rainbow trout you must stop fishing for redband-rainbow trout. Last updated 6/12/24.

Hwy 66 Bridge downstream to Springs

This section of river is open year-round. Access is currently prohibited by KRRC from Hwy 66 to the dam. Removal of JC Boyle Dam has begun. Fishing not recommended in this section due to difficult access. The Powerhouse Road on the west side of the river will be closed all year. Access to the Klamath River will be available from the Topsy Grade Road or traveling through Dorris. The Topsy Grade Road can have large potholes where vehicles can get stuck. This section of the river will require a significant hike to the river on the east side. ‌

Regulations will change Jan. 1, 2024 to a bag limit of one redband rainbow trout per day in the 12- to 15-inch size class. This is to protect large redband trout spawners, chinook, coho and steelhead smolts and Chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead adults. Last updated 4/24/24.

Springs to state line with California

The Frain Ranch section is fishable. Fishing has been better than expected. Turbidity is well within fishable levels. Take the road through Dorris to access. This section of river is open year-round. Turbidity can be tracked by visiting the USGS Real Time Klamath River Gage. ‌

Currently, turbidity is low at 9-14 FNU. Fishing only recommended when turbidity (FNU) is less than 40. The Powerhouse Road on the west side of the river will be closed all year. Access to the Klamath River will be available from the Topsy Grade Road or traveling through Dorris. The Topsy Grade Road can have large potholes where vehicles can get stuck. ‌

Fishing is improving with warmer weather, reduced flows and hatches of salmonflies and golden stoneflies should be occurring but salmonfly hatch will be slowing. Patterns and lures that mimic crayfish, salmonflies, caddisflies and leeches should work well. Panther Martin spinners can work well down there. Dry flies that mimic caddisflies or mayflies hatching can also work well. Large yellow and orange stimulators should produce. ‌

Click here for Klamath River flow and turbidity.

Regulations changed on Jan. 1, 2024 to a bag limit of one redband-rainbow trout per day in the 12- to 15-inch size class. This regulation is to protect large redband trout spawners, Chinook salmon smolts and adults, and steelhead smolts and adults. Last updated 6/12/24.

KRUMBO RESERVOIR: trout, bass‌

Fishing for holdover trout has been great this spring. Anglers are consistently catching trout in the 17-inch range using a variety of methods. Fly-fishing from the bank has been productive with streamers, PowerBait has been working well, and trolling from a boat will also turn up a few fish. Krumbo has not been stocked yet this spring, but holdover trout are still available. Last updated 5/8/24.

LAKE EWAUNA-KLAMATH RIVER (Above Keno Dam to Link River): redband trout, largemouth bass, Sacramento perch, yellow perch, crappie, brown bullhead, goldfish, tui and blue chub‌

This stretch of river and lake has typically been an area that lacked significant fish densities to warrant much of a fishery. Dissolved oxygen concentrations in the summer approach 0 mg/l in many areas thus reducing fish densities. However, now would be an ideal time to try fishing for largemouth bass in this area. Water quality remains good in this area but will likely decline by July.‌

Recent sampling found good numbers of small, juvenile largemouth bass, Sacramento perch, yellow perch and even a few crappie. These findings are surprising. This is a very large area and anglers might be able to find largemouth bass and perch. Look for areas of water return from wetlands or pumps. These areas will have more oxygen and better water quality. The area near Lake Ewauna and below the Tule Smoke Hunt Club (Rat Club) are places to focus as water quality is typically better in those locations. The side channel area near the island below Hwy140 bridge might also be worth some effort. Last updated 6/12/24.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: hatchery rainbow trout, kokanee, hatchery brown trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, tui chub‌

The lake will be stocked this week. Fishing for rainbow trout should be fair from shore and boat. For recent fishing updates, call the resort at 1-866-201-4194. ‌

The lake is dominated by stunted yellow perch. Very small bait and hooks will catch these fish. Yellow perch fishing should be fair.‌

Fishing for warmwater fish will improve with warmer conditions. Fishing for largemouth bass along the many docks on the lake can be productive. Smallmouth bass fishing has been good around the rocky areas northwest of the lodge.‌

You can also visit Lake of the Wood's website to observe current conditions at the lake. Scroll down and click on the right-side video link for a live video of current conditions on the lake at the Lodge. Last updated 6/12/24.

LINK RIVER: redband/rainbow trout‌

Fishing regulations for the Link River changed on Jan. 1, 2021. New regulations include catch-and-release for redband/rainbow trout and no bait allowed (artificial flies and lures only). This change is due to record low spawning escapement for trophy redband trout throughout the Klamath Basin in 2020.‌

Flows have decreased to 1,020 cfs. Redband trout numbers in the Link River are very low. Most Redband trout are moving out of this stretch now.‌

Check Link River Flows.‌

ODFW also encourages the use of single barbless hooks in this fishery, not removing fish from the water and catch-and-release rubber nets. Last updated 6/12/24.

LOFTON RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout‌

This reservoir was stocked with 300 trophy rainbow trout for Memorial weekend. The reservoir was also stocked with 300 trophy rainbow trout mid-May. Fishing has been fair for holdover trout. The concrete boat ramp is currently out of the water. The gravel launch is fair for most boats. Trolling lures and flies can be the most productive ways to catch these fish. Bank fishing is also a good option here. Last updated 5/29/24.

LONG CREEK: brook trout, redband trout, bull trout‌

Open to fishing all year. Flows will be high. Expect a good hatch of black drake mayflies. Best section to fish is the lowermost Green Diamond section just above the Nature Conservancy. Last updated 5/29/24.

LOST RIVER: largemouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, tui and blue chub‌

Lost River is open year-round with bait allowed. Fishing is slow at the Crystal Springs Bridge crossing and also near the boat ramp off Crystal Springs Road. Fishing bait for brown bullhead is your best bet. Water quality will degrade quickly.‌

The river near Big Springs in Bonanza is slow. Fishing for largemouth bass at this location should be picking up. Another place to try is near Horseshoe Dam. Last updated 6/12/24.

MALHEUR RESERVOIR: rainbow trout‌

Malheur Reservoir was sampled last fall and had some nice-size rainbows Most of the trout are in the eight-inch range but there are some much larger 15- to 17-inch fish available as well. ‌

Fishing has been great for holdover trout. This reservoir will be stocked with fingerling rainbow again this spring. The boat ramp will be in the water now but use caution if you launch from an undeveloped location with muddy shoreline. Last updated 4/17/24.


Mann Lake has filled up enough to support a fishery but has not been stocked. We are working to re-stock with Lahontan cutthroat but the lake is currently fishless. Last updated 4/10/24.

MILL FLAT POND: hatchery rainbow trout, largemouth bass‌

Both largemouth bass and rainbow trout should be biting right now. Try fishing this pond before the vegetation takes over later this summer. Last updated 5/15/24.

MILLER LAKE: brown, rainbow, brook trout and kokanee‌

Access to the lake is available. Best fishing is from a boat for brown trout. Trolling deep is your best bet. Brown Trout are eating kokanee. Kokanee rarely exceed eight inches in the lake. ‌

The area at the outlet of the lake near Miller Creek has decent dry fly-fishing for smaller brown trout. Callibaetis mayflies are hatching now. ‌

There is a nice boat ramp, sandy swim beach and campground at the lake. Mosquitoes can be bad.‌

Call the USFS in Chiloquin for more information, 541-783-4001. Last updated 6/5/24.

MOON RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth bass‌

Moon Reservoir is full and was recently stocked with 5,000 rainbow trout and 580 largemouth bass. Last updated 5/22/24.

MUD LAKE: rainbow trout‌

There have not been any fishing reports, but fish stocked from last year should be 8-12 inches. Bait is usually the preferred method for anglers at this lake, but stripping flies or casting lures near the shoreline can produce trout. Last updated 5/29/24.

NORTH POWDER POND: hatchery rainbow trout‌

The pond has been stocked with rainbow trout that should be available throughout the summer months. Last updated 6/12/24.

OWYHEE RESERVOIR: largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, catfish‌

The reservoir is full and it should be a great year on Owyhee Reservoir. No recent reports on bass fishing but crappie fishing is picking up and anglers have reported catching crappie in the 12-inch range. The crappie spawn will soon be in full swing. During this time crappie will be more concentrated in shallow water habitat and in bays and flats throughout the reservoir. ‌

For reservoir elevations click here. ‌

Channel catfish will be most concentrated in wide flats with relatively shallow water between 2 and 15 feet deep.‌

Trout fishing has been productive this spring in the lower reservoir as well. Trolling or fishing streamer flies from the bank can be effective.‌

Anglers targeting bass may catch some with tags near the dorsal fin. ODFW is studying bass movement, condition and angler harvest of bass. The tags have a four-digit number and can be reported by phone or on Last updated 5/22/24.

OWYHEE RIVER (Lower): brown trout, hatchery rainbow trout‌

The Lower Owyhee River is currently flowing at around 800 cfs which is quite high for this tailwater. No recent reports on fishing but nymphing and streamer fishing will likely be your best bet. During times of higher flows fishing can also be good floating a drift boat or raft. Last updated 5/22/24.

PHILLIPS RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, yellow perch‌

Phillips held a good bit of water over winter and is now almost 3/4 full. Earlier this month it was stocked with trout, and there should be some holdover trout still around from last year. Last updated 5/22/24.


Both reservoirs are now full, and the docks are in. These sites are stocked annually with fingerlings, and last year's fingerlings should be getting to good sizes by now. Crappie are available at both locations. Anglers may find groups of crappie near shore by submerged willows and vegetation. Last updated 5/22/24.

POISON CREEK RESERVOIR (Grant County): rainbow trout‌

Fishing at poison Creek reservoir has been fair but recent sampling showed there are high densities of large trout in the reservoir right now. During sampling, fish averaged 17 inches long with quite a few fish in the 19-inch range and up to three pounds. Flies and lures have been the more productive fishing methods in this water body recently. Productive lures include spinners, crankbaits and spoons. Productive flies include midges, damsels, leaches and probably scuds. Last updated 5/8/24.

For reservoir elevations click here. ‌

POLE CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout‌

Pole Creek Reservoir filled up this spring and was stocked with 3,000 catchable rainbow trout and 15,000 fingerling rainbow. ‌

Recent sampling showed black crappie are quite abundant but most of them are very small. There are a few nice trout available in the 14– to 16-inch range. Last updated 4/10/24.

For reservoir elevations click here. ‌

PRIDAY RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout‌

Access is available, and the reservoir is open. There are some trophy trout still left in the reservoir and fingerling rainbow trout should be in the 8-10 inch range. Try bait fishing fairly close to shore and move around the reservoir until you find fish.‌

Typically windy days will stir up more food and the trout seem to bite better. ‌

Priday Reservoir is on some BLM property between Plush and Adel, but the majority of the reservoir is on private property. Please respect the private property by staying on the main roads and cleaning up trash from others so everyone can enjoy this fishery. ‌

SEVENMILE CREEK (CANAL): brook trout, brown trout, redband trout, yellow perch‌

Open all year. Sevenmile is a very cold and clear creek and fishing will be very slow. Snow is melting. Fishing for brook trout is best in the beaver dam pools above Nicholson Road. Most brook trout captured are less than 12 inches. ‌

Catch-and-release for redband/rainbow trout with no bait allowed from Agency Lake to Nicholson Road.‌

Anglers can access Sevenmile Creek at Nicholson Road and fish upstream of Nicholson Rd. Bait is allowed upstream of Nicholson Road. There are currently large beaver dam pools immediately upstream of the bridge. Brook trout will concentrate, therefore keep moving until you find the schools. Flows are at a good level for fishing.‌

The mouth of Sevenmile Creek at Agency Lake is slow for yellow perch and a few largemouth bass. You can access this area by hiking two miles down the Wood River Wetland Trail. Last updated 6/12/24.

Check Sevenmile Creek Flows

SKY LAKES AND MOUNTAIN LAKE WILDERNESS: brook trout and rainbow trout (Cranebow triploids)‌

Snow is still blocking most access but snow is receding fast. Rainbow trout Rapalas, Crocodiles, Super Dupers can work really well for the larger fish. ‌

Best lakes to catch fish are Clover, Como, Harriette, Echo, Weston and South Pass in the Mountain Lakes Wilderness and Sonya, Margurette and Isherwood in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. ‌

Best lakes for brook trout are Badger Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness), which is a short hike from Fourmile Lake, and Clover Lake (Mountain Lakes Wilderness). Please report any Brook Trout caught in other lakes. Badger and Woodpecker Lakes might be accessible from Fourmile Lake.‌

Best lures are typically dark Panther Martin spinners.‌

The biggest trout come from the bigger and deeper lakes of Harriette, Isherwood and Margurette, Sonya and Wizard Lakes. ‌

Please report Brook Trout captured in Elizabeth, Little Heavenly, Big Heavenly or Isherwood Lakes. Last updated 6/12/24.

SPENCER CREEK: redband trout and brook trout‌

Spencer Creek is open. Spencer Creek is excellent for small redband trout up to 10 inches. This is a great area to learn to fly fish. The USFS forest service campground off Clover Creek Road is worth a try. The area below the Spencer Creek hookup road culvert is also good. Small dry flies such as elk hair caddis and stimulators work well. Last updated 5/29/24.

Spencer Creek Flow.

SPRAGUE RIVER: redband trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, brown bullhead, yellow perch, and pumpkinseed‌

The river is slightly tannin colored but at a great flow for fishing. Look for black drake mayflies hatching in the upper river. ‌

Best places to fish for brown trout and redband trout are the fast water areas near Chiloquin High School, the narrows and near all the springs in Beatty. Boats can be launched at two locations above Beatty. ‌

There are a few warmwater fish in the Sprague. The dominate warmwater fish is yellow perch. A few largemouth bass are around but their population has declined. There are also small brown bullhead. The best place to fish for warmwater fish is above Saddle Mtn Pit Road Bridge to near Godowa Springs Road Bridge. Bait is allowed in this section.‌

Anglers can find several kinds of flow date here: Near Real Time Hydrographics Data. Last updated 6/12/24.

NF SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: redband trout, brook trout, brown trout, bull trout‌

The black drake mayfly hatch is slowing. Open year-round. Water temperatures are warming slowly. Bait fishing near Lee Thomas Meadows should be good. Last updated 6/12/24.

NF Sprague River flows

SOUTH FORK SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: brook trout, redband trout, brown trout, bull trout‌

The black drake mayfly hatch is slowing. Open year-round. Fishing will be slow. The river is still high but fishable. The area near Blaisdell has good fishing especially near the beaver pond areas. Brook trout fishing can be good along FS road 34 at the beaver dams just below Corral Creek. Last updated 6/12/24.

Check SF Sprague River Flows.‌

SPRING CREEK: redband trout, brook trout and brown trout‌

Spring Creek is now open. Fishing is typically very slow for most of the season. Best fishing is in October for brown trout entering to spawn. The very cold, unproductive water does not support a robust fishery. Brook and brown trout are present but hide out during the day. Last update 5/29/24.

SUN CREEK: brook trout, bull trout, brown trout, redband trout‌

Flows are high due to snowmelt.‌

The gate to the Sun Pass State Forest remains closed until June 30. Fishing not recommended at this time as density of fish is low. Open to fishing all year but closed to fishing for bull trout. Only bull trout occur in upper Sun Creek just above the Sun Pass Forest bridge crossing. Fishing is not recommended now as fish density remains low. Recent sampling found low numbers of brook trout, brown trout and no catchable-size redband trout. ‌

Bull trout numbers are very high, so anglers need to know their fish species. Signs onsite show the differences between brook trout and bull trout. This article on has good tips for distinguishing bull and brook trout, and their hybrids.‌

ODFW encourages release of all redband trout. The Sun Creek channel has been rerouted into the historic channel and is connected to the Wood River below Kimball State Park.‌

If you fish here, make sure you know your fish species well. If you don't know then let it go. Check stream level. Last updated 6/5/24.

SYCAN RIVER: brook, redband and brown trout (below marsh)‌

The black drake mayflies are hatching. Open year-round. Fishing above the marsh is best for redband trout near the Rock Creek campground. Areas upstream are best for brook trout. Numbers of fish in some areas are low due to the Bootleg Fire affects.‌

Fishing has been very slow below the marsh. Flows are high.‌

Fishing below the Sycan Marsh is not recommended as most of the river has been dry most summers. Last updated 6/5/24.

Check Sycan River Flows.‌


Rainbow trout have been stocked and are available to anglers. Anglers might also catch some holdover trout from prior years, and those fish can get big.‌

Follow this link to see the Bureau of Reclamation website listing current reservoir levels. Last updated 6/12/24.

UNITY RESERVOIR: trout, smallmouth bass, crappie‌

Unity Reservoir can be one of the most consistent trout fisheries in eastern Oregon. This reservoir is stocked with fingerlings that grow quickly and catch of 14- to 16- inch trout is not uncommon. In the spring, anglers can use a variety of techniques to catch trout, and bank anglers can be successful fishing at the state park. In addition to trout, there also are some warmwater fishing opportunities available at Unity Reservoir.‌

Follow this link to see the Bureau of Reclamation website listing current reservoir levels. Last updated 5/1/24.

WARM SPRINGS RESERVOIR: smallmouth bass, crappie, bullhead, perch, rainbow trout‌

The reservoir is now full and spilling. Warm Springs Reservoir was stocked with 30,000 rainbow trout fingerlings last spring and another 60,000 this spring. No recent reports on fishing but we have had some reports of anglers catching some smallmouth bass last fall. Last updated 5/22/24.

UPPER WILLIAMSON RIVER: redband trout and brook trout‌

Black drake mayflies are hatching but the hatch is slowing. The black drake hatch is expected to be fair this year due to lower than expected flows. Fishing should be fair for redband trout due to past drought and there are few redband trout on public lands. Targeting brook trout near Deep Creek is another option. ‌

Past drought from 2020- 2022 have affected adult redband trout numbers. Flows are good for fishing. Fishing on the private pay-to-fish ranches on the Sand Creek and Yamsi Ranches should be excellent for brook trout with redband trout mixed in. Last updated 6/12/24.

Check Upper Williamson River Flows.‌

LOWER WILLIAMSON RIVER: redband trout, brown trout and yellow perch‌

The river is open. Please remember no bait, catch-and-release for redband trout and no treble hooks. Fishing on opening day was good for small redband trout in the 8– to 16-inch range but poor for larger fish. Numerous mayflies are hatching, therefore small pheasant tail nymphs fished on clear intermediate fly lines with fluorocarbon leaders can be effective. Golden stoneflies are hatching and yellow sally stoneflies will follow. The river has excellent tannin coloration below the Sprague River confluence. The June Hogs (redband) should be moving into the river. ‌

The river above the Sprague River confluence is crystal clear with few redband trout, currently. This section has more brown trout. Brown trout can be targeted above and below Spring Creek. ‌

Large streamers and leech patterns are more effective lower in the river towards the mouth. Check Williamson River Flows. Last updated 6/12/24.

WILLOW VALLEY RESERVOIR: largemouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, Sacramento perch.‌

ODFW and BLM have restocked the reservoir with small numbers of bass and crappie, and hundreds of pumpkinseed sunfish in 2023. ‌

Fishing for warmwater fish should continue to be good. This reservoir warms quickly. This fishery seems to be slow due to turbid conditions. With warmer weather this week fishing should improve.‌

Willow Valley is a very turbid, desert reservoir. The boat ramp is in good condition but there's no dock. Bass and crappie can be found at the habitat structures placed by BLM and ODFW in the past. Yellow perch are prolific in the reservoir but stunted. The Antelope Creek channel can be a good place to start for bass. The flooded aquatic plants just west of the dam is also a good bet. Last updated 5/29/24.

WOOD RIVER (including Petric Canal): redband, brown, brook and bull trout‌

The Wood River remains slow for brown trout. The river is brown due to runoff on Sun Creek and Annie Creek. Water temperature will be cold; therefore, it is imperative that lures and flies are fished deep and slow. Most brown trout feed near or on the bottom this time of year. Fishing below Weed Rd is best.‌

During high flows brown trout gorge on earthworms. Since bait is not allowed artificials that mimic worms like the San Juan Worm fly might work. Brown trout also feed on sculpin, stoneflies (golden and salmonflies), sucker eggs, mice, cased caddisflies and clam shrimp this time of year.‌

There are good hatches coming off right now including pale morning duns, salmonflies, black drake mayflies, and large Ametropus mayflies. Brown trout will key in on these hatches in certain areas. ‌

For Brown Trout the best section to fish is above Crooked Creek from boat. Fishing near Fort Creek might also be productive. Bank access is available below Weed Rd and at the USFS Day Use Area. The day use area is typically very slow this time of year and improves during grasshopper season in July and August. The best bet from shore is below Weed Rd.‌

Most large redband trout caught this time of year are spawned out kelts. Please handle them carefully. Large redband trout are beginning to move into the river. ‌

Bull trout are becoming more common in the catch. Know the difference between brook trout and bull trout. This article on can help. Last updated 6/12/24.

Check Wood River Flows


Fishing for holdover trout on Yellowjacket has been great this spring with fish up to 17 inches being consistently caught. Last updated 4/17/24.

Fishing Report - Southeast Zone (2024)


Where are the crappie biting in Kansas? ›

White Crappie Forecast
LEBO CITY LAKE29.6713.89
OTTAWA SFL27.173.56
78 more rows

Where are the walleyes biting in South Dakota? ›

Click for details on this area
LakeFishing Report
Bitter LakeWalleyes fair to good.Details
WaubayWalleyes fair to good.Details
Dry Lake #3 (By Florence)A few walleyes.
Pickerel LakeWalleyes fair along with a few crappie.Details
30 more rows

Where are the fish biting in North Dakota? ›

8 Great Fishing Spots in North Dakota
  • The Upper Missouri River. The Missouri River enters North Dakota from Montana just west of Williston. ...
  • Lake Sakakawea. ...
  • Logan and Mcintosh Counties. ...
  • Lake Oahe. ...
  • Devils Lake. ...
  • Lake Metigoshe. ...
  • Jamestown Reservoir. ...
  • Red River of the North.

Are they catching salmon in Winchester Bay? ›

Located on the Central Oregon Coast, Winchester Bay is one of the top Salmon fisheries in the West.

What is the number 1 crappie bait? ›

In most places, the top choice is minnows. Other good bait options include worms, insects, and even small crawfish. When starting out, rig a few baits at different depths to find where the fish are holding. After that, fish on a bobber to stay near the surface or add some weight to hold deeper.

What is the best time to fish for crappie today? ›

Generally, crappie are most active during the early morning and late evening, coinciding with their natural feeding times. These periods, known as the 'golden hours' for anglers, offer the highest chances of a successful catch.

What state is the fishing capital of the world? ›

Florida is the “Fishing Capital of the World” because of its great resources and responsible management. The diversity of sport fishes, habitats, great weather, year-round fishing and superb tourism and fishing industry-related infrastructure are unsurpassed.

Where is the best walleye fishing in North Dakota? ›

Walleye are highly sought by anglers, especially in the big systems of Lake Sakakawea, Lake Oahe, Missouri River and Devils Lake. Stocked fish also do well in many of North Dakota's prairie lakes.

Where is most wild salmon caught? ›

Alaskan fisheries account for 97% of total landings, bringing in 985,894,408 lbs. Because wild Atlantic salmon is an endangered species, fishing for it is prohibited in most of the world.

Where is the best salmon fished? ›

Alaska. Alaska is frequently thought of as the best place in the world to fish for salmon. All 5 species of Pacific salmon can be found in Alaska and also in Katmai National Park which is one of the most popular places in the country to fish.

Why can't I find wild caught Atlantic salmon? ›

Commercial and recreational fishing for wild sea-run Atlantic salmon is still prohibited in the United States. All Atlantic salmon in the public market is cultured and commercially grown. Currently, the only remaining wild populations of U.S. Atlantic salmon are found in a few rivers in Maine.

What colors are crappie biting right now? ›

In stained water (coffee color or with tannic acid) with bright-light conditions, my four predominate crappie catching colors are: green, chartreuse, lime and orange. Lures that contrast two of these colors, or matching them with brown or white are great. Orange-white is good at times, but all-white is not so good.

Where is the best place to catch crappie? ›

The easiest spots to find are bridges. If you drive over a river, they are pretty hard to miss after all. The bridge pillons, especially ones with timber shoved against the upstream side, have pockets of slack water behind them. Crappies relate to this.

What is the best lure for crappie in Kansas? ›

Minnows — One of the best live baits for catching crappies, they are delicate and defenseless but can last a while when properly stored. Buy or catch minnows, then present them under a float or on a bottom rig.

Are crappie biting this time of year? ›

One great thing about Crappie is the ability to catch them year-round. They change locations and behavior throughout the year but are always willing to eat if you find the right formula. Many anglers focus on spring when Crappie move into the shallows to spawn.

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