Disco Elysium: Should I Help Evrart Claire? (2024)

Assisting the Union Boss can be done in a number of ways, and could shape the future of Martinaise.

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First Published April 27, 2023, 12:47

An encounter with Martinaise’s Union Leader Evrart Claire is inevitable for your progression through the plot of Disco Elysium, but strictly helping the sly and scheming head of the striking party is up to you. Choosing to assist Claire can work to your advantage, reveals key information, and is necessary to get your gun back, even if you’ll need to make peace with taking sides against the capitalist Wild Pines group seeking to break the strike.

In this guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of helping Evrart and what it means for your playthrough and the whole of Martinaise, as choosing to stay on his good side could mean some big changes for the district while ignoring him could affect some later story requirements.

Table of Contents

  • What Happens If You Help Evrart?
    • Open the Door for Evrart
    • Collect Two Signatures
  • Does Helping Evrart Progress the Game?
    • What Happens If You Don’t Help Evrart?

What Happens If You Help Evrart?

During your first interview, Evrart will stonewall you in regard to any questions surrounding the case, and should you choose to acquiesce and help the union leader, he’ll set you off on a couple of tasks before helping you any further.

While not necessary to beat the game, these tasks will open up the pathway to your missing firearm, which can be a huge help in a later key event, but it will align you with the Union. Interestingly enough, however, you’re not pigeonholed in the methods available to you for the completion of these tasks, with outright lying and forgery being perfectly acceptable means.

As a police officer of the RCM, it’s up to you to weigh up the necessity of these questionable objectives from Claire, as they’ve overall got some impactful results for the near future of you and the people of Martinaise.

Open the Door for Evrart

The first task is a simple one, requiring you to send a threatening message to a certain “weasel” that needs dealing with. Evrart wants you to unlock and leave open an apartment door in Martinaise, near the Whirling-in-Rags:

  • Speak to Call Me Mañana for a key to a lone basem*nt apartment near the Capeside building.

  • If you have Kim with you, he will suggest that there are no Union eyes present and that you could simply lie to avoid nearly breaking and entering.

  • If you choose to open the door, you’ll be presented with the option to enter or just report back straight away. (Entering will not affect the task outcome)

It’s worth noting that if you wait til Day 3 or after, this task will no longer be available to you as the homeowner will have returned. Don’t worry if this happens, you can still progress to the next questionable task.

Collect Two Signatures

Your next objective is to gain two signatures from residents of the Fishing Village, namely: Isobel and Lilienne. Evrart provides you with an envelope containing legal documents that can only be understood after inspecting them with a Logic check, which will reveal plans for the community youth center requiring the removal of the villagers from their respective homes.

  • Speaking to Lilienne and Isobel - the washerwoman - will require you to convince them to part with their signatures.

  • Alternatively, you can speak to Idiot Doom Spiral to act as a signature instead or forge fake signatures yourself - you’ll need access to the Fishing Shack residence to do this away from Union eyes.

  • Once you’ve got the signatures, fake or not, you can post the envelope via the mailbox in the plaza outside the bookstore.

If you plan on sabotaging Claire’s plans via forgery, make sure you’ve got Kim with you at the time of inspection of the envelope, as he’s the one who again suggests the option of going against the Union’s will.

Does Helping Evrart Progress the Game?

Strictly speaking, helping Evrart won’t progress the main story. Whether you have good or sneaky intentions, assisting him and the union isn’t necessary for furthering the investigation. However, by not at least taking part, you’ll miss out on some basic XP for task completion that could help further down the line for some tougher skill checks, especially if you haven’t taken the best thoughts for increasing your XP gain.

What Happens If You Don’t Help Evrart?

If you’ve refused to help Evrart, it can make the upcoming Shivers checks for finding Ruby a bit harder, as these mandatory checks are made easier to pass by completing tasks around Martinaise, including finding your gun. As we’ve already covered, you can only get information on your gun after helping Evrart, so be wary of the difficulty you could make for yourself.

Aside from that, if you’re confident in your Shivers skill or your dealings with the rest of Martinaise, ignoring Evrart will simply result in the story progressing as normal without his influence on your overall roundup once you find the killer and complete the investigation.

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Disco Elysium: Should I Help Evrart Claire? (2024)
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