[2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (2024)

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[2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (1) April 17, 2024 4 mins read

Don’t we all want to catch Pokémon from all around the world and enjoy the game to the fullest without rooting the device, or, one might say, without even moving from your chair? So, how is this even possible when Pokémon Go can determine your location by checking your IP address with its new update?

Well, we have just the right trick to make spoofing in Pokémon Go easier for you. By using Google Play services for Pokémon Go spoofing and a mock location app (we will be sharing a safe and fast spoofing app), you cannot only mask your current location but can also catch all of the Pokémon in the game no matter where you are.

The article below will further help you understand How to perform this trick.

  • Part 1: Detailed guide on Pokémon Go spoofing using Google Play service
  • Part 2: All you want to know about Google Play Services for Pokémon Go spoofing?
  • Part 3: How to safely and quickly spoof Pokémon Go?[2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (2)

Part 1: Detailed Guide On Pokémon Go Spoofing-Using Google Play Service

If you thought that Pokémon go spoofing using Google play service is tricky, you are in for a treat because it’s not. Here is how you can change location in Google play services style:

Step 1: Download an older version of Google Play Services that is supported by your current device. To use Google Play Services for Pokémon Go spoofing, use a version older than 12.6.85 or even older. Then, find the same-looking variant that matches your current Google Play Service version.

Step 2: Download and install a suitable spoofing app that enables you to spoof your location without root access.

Step 3: Disabling the “Find My Device” option in your Android device because you won't be able to downgrade Google Play Services without disabling this feature.

Now, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > “Find My Device” option > deactivate

[2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (3)

Step 4: Then, you need to uninstall Google Play Services updates and set them to the default factory version.

Go to Settings > apps > tap on “Show all system apps” > Google Play Services > Go to menu and select “uninstall updates."

[2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (4)

Step 5: Now, you need to access the older Google Play Services version you have already downloaded. To install this older version on your device, go through the following steps:

Open File Explorer > Download Folder > Select the downloaded “Google Play Service apk” file > Select “Install” > Done.

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Step 6: Then, you have to disable the Background Data usage of the Google Play Service to prevent it from auto-updating.

App Section > Google Play Services > data usage > disable “Background Data”

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Step 7: Next, you must disable “Google Play Store” as it can update all your apps, including Google Play Services, without your consent. Disabling Google Play Store will take all your apps to factory settings.

Open apps section > Select “Google Play Store > tap on the “disable” button > then press “Okay.”

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Step 8: Then, you can mock your location using the location spoofing app you downloaded. By enabling the Developers Option feature, you can easily spoof your location in Pokémon Go. Go through the following steps to start spoofing:

  • Go to the spoofing app.
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Empty "Developers option."
  • Then, tap on the “Mock your Location” feature.
  • Now, select the app you are using for spoofing in the pop-up menu.
  • Go to the starting menu of your spoofing app page.
  • On the settings menu, tap on “Enable Indirect Mocking."
  • [2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (8)

  • After this, go to the GPS home screen of your spoofing app, where you are required to set a location."
  • Then using the map, search for the location you want to spoof. Select “okay” in the pop-up menu allowing the app to use your set location.
  • Enable the GPS on your Android device and set it to "High accuracy mode."
  • Going back to the GPS page of your spoofing app, press "Start." Pressing the start option, the app will begin to spoof your image, which you can verify through Google Maps.

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Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service in Information Graphics

Part 2: All You Want to Know About Google Play Services For Pokémon Go Spoofing

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Pokémon go spoofing Google play services.

1. Did Google Play Services update kill spoofing?

Google Play Services only updated kill spoofing for an un-rooted device. Rooted devices remain unaffected by the new update. If you want to spoof in Pokémon Go without having root access, uninstall your Google Play Services updates, and download an older Google version. 12.6.85 is the recommended Google Play Services version that allows you the spoofing adventure.

2. How to downgrade Google Play services and block the auto-updates?

  • Open ApkMirror and download and version of Google Play Services (download a version with numbers matching your current one).
  • Go to Settings and disable “the Find My device” option.
  • To uninstall Google Play Services updates, go to settings, and click on the right corner. Tap on “Uninstall Updates”
  • Going back to the Google Play Services app, disable the background data.
  • Restart the device after clearing the data for Pokémon Go and Google Play services.

3. Is it safe to downgrade Google Play services to spoof in Pokémon Go?

Location spoofing in Pokémon Go was way famous when the game was new in the market. Location spoofing was carried out without any difficulty using a spoofing app and downgrading Google Play Services. But now, Google Play Services cannot help with Location spoofing because a new update has been introduced in Pokémon Go.

This update will identify any spoofing and will issue a warning first. And after that, they will deactivate your account. So, it is not safe to use it, but you can change your location in the Pokemon GO app without rooting your phone safely with a secure app we are going to reveal below. So, keep on reading.

Part 3: How to Safely And Quickly Spoof Pokémon Go?

What app can you trust and use with Google Play Services for Pokémon Go spoofing that offers safe and quick spoofing?

The answer is simple: iMyFone AnyTo.

iMyFone AnyTo has all the features you need for safe Pokémon spoofing. It is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to edit your videos with the fast video-editing Mode, let you prepare slideshows and Gifs, and even let you do spoofing in Pokémon Go enabling you to improve your playtime and joy. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface and high safety levels, the software is a first-choice among users for all the right reasons.

Try It Free

iMyFone AnyTo Features:

  • The software is fully compatible with iOS devices (iOS 17 supported), including iPhone 15, and supports almost all Android versions.
  • It let you change GPS location all around the world.
  • Perfect solution for AR games.
  • Change your moving speed and time. It also allows you to pause your game if you need a break.
  • It lets you plan a route in Pokemon Go with a customized speed and sync it with your game.
  • It is super easy to use.

How to Spoof Game In Pokémon Go Using iMyFone AnyTo?

To safely spoof in Pokémon Go using iMyFone AnyTo, go through these simple 3 steps:

    Step 1: Download the AnyTo app for free on your phone (iPhone or Android). Once the download is complete, open iMyFone AnyTo to start your free unlimited trial.

    Try It Free

    Step 2: Click the AnyTo icon, open AnyTo app. Follow the instructions in the software to complete the basic settings before changing the location.

    Step 3: Select the location you want to change, choose the mode you need, then click the Move button. Your location will be changed within seconds.

    [2024] How to Spoof Pokemon Go Using Google Play Service and Its Alternative? (10)

    Now, you need to login into your gaming account through your phone.


    With the Google Play Services trick being completely out of the question, spoofing in Pokémon may cause you to lose your account. But with iMyFone AnyTo, you can still enjoy catching Pokémon by simply sitting on your comfortable couch. With three quick steps, you can mock your location and proceed with your game with ease.

    Try It Free

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Can you still spoof in Pokemon Go 2024? ›

Yes, it's possible to change your Pokemon GO location in 2024. However, you will need to install a GPS spoofing app. If you have an Android phone, you'll also need to go into Developer Mode. If you have an iPhone, you'll need to jailbreak your device to get the spoofer Pokemon GO app.

Can you use Google Play for Pokemon Go? ›

Pokémon GO is available for download at no charge on the App Store and Google Play. Pokémon GO is free to play, with loads of fun things to do and Pokémon to discover at every turn. For players who want to enhance their Pokémon GO experience even more, certain items and features can be accessed via in-app purchases.

Is there a fake location app that works for Pokemon Go? ›

Best 7 Pokémon Go Spoofing Apps on iOS & Android | 2024 Updated
Pokémon Go Spoofing APPSupport SystemSpoof Success Rate
iSpooferOnly iOS20%
PGSharpOnly Android75%
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer FreeOnly Android70%
3 more rows
Apr 15, 2024

How to install PokeGo ++? ›

2 PokeGo++ Download on Android

Step 1: Firstly download and install TutuApp. Step 2: Then look for the APK download link of PokeGo++ in TutuApp Downloader. Step 3: Install the downloaded file on your Android device. Step 4: Open PokeGo++ to confirm if success.

Does VPN trick Pokemon Go? ›

Does Pokémon GO work with a VPN? Yes it does, but with caveats: a good gaming VPN is only one part of the puzzle, and you'll also need a GPS spoofing app to make it work.

Is Moc Pogo safe? ›

It's hard to find a fake GPS app that supports iOS and Android both. Also, most fake GPS apps have a high risk of causing your account to be banned. Because they like game cheats, such as auto hunting Pokemon, etc. MocPOGO only focus on the location changes and it's much safer.

Is PGSharp not safe anymore? ›

Is PGSharp Safe. PGSharp is considered a safe and secure app for spoofing in Pokemon Go. If you use it, then the chances of getting red-flagged in the app are negligible. However, you should avoid changing your location frequently to avoid pokemon go soft ban.

Is UltFone safe in Pokemon Go? ›

UltFone is a software company that deals in data management and system repair tools for iOS or Android devices. It also offers a Pokemon Go Spoofer PC to help play the game without walking. It is also safe and reliable for Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS and Android.

Does Google fit work with Pokemon GO? ›

Pokémon Support

Confirm Pokémon GO is connected with Google Fit or Apple Health. Google Fit: Open Settings > Google > Google Fit > Connected apps and devices, and confirm Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device. Apple Health: Open Apple Health > Sources, and confirm Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device.

Can I use Google Play to buy PokeCoins? ›

In the Map View, tap the Main Menu. Tap Shop. Tap a pack of PokéCoins to purchase. You'll be prompted to complete the purchase via Google Play or Galaxy Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices.

Can Pokemon Go detect location spoofing? ›

You'll need to install CyberGhost VPN, a location spoofing app, and a jailbreak masking app. Both Apple and Pokémon Go try to prevent jailbroken devices from playing, and if the game's bots detect your device was altered, they'll flag you.

Can you still hack Pokemon Go location? ›

Location spoofing in Pokémon Go is not illegal but it is against Niantic, Inc.'s (Pokémon Go's developer) Player Guidelines and Terms of Service. While it's possible to spoof your phone's location with an app, in most instances you'll need to root your Android or jailbreak your iOS device.

How to safely spoof in Pokemon Go? ›

Some methods to spoof location in Pokemon GO require you to root or jailbreak your device, which can result in an instant ban. To avoid this, consider using safer alternatives such as mock location apps or third-party devices designed for spoofing.

Is iMoveGo safe? ›

Competing apps often require jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android phone. In this case, fortunately, iMoveGo doesn't require anything like a jailbreak or root. Everything can be solved in software quickly, reliably, securely, and without the risk of being discovered.

How to get a joystick in Pokemon Go? ›

You must download a modified version of Pokemon Go from a third-party software installer in order to use the joystick.
  1. A joystick overlay is present on top of the Pokemon Go map in the modified version. ...
  2. You can use other GPS hacks, such as speed control and hopping to certain points, while Fake Location is enabled.
Jan 10, 2024

Is iMyFone AnyTo safe? ›

iMyFone AnyTo enables you to change GPS location without jailbreak or root your phone, therefore, it is 100% safe.

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