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Holiday Guanacaste Costa Rica
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Cristina’s rooms and miniapartments
Playa Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 26544006

About Costa Rica
Costa Rica is located in a tropical latitude, between North America and South America. Because of its privileged location, Costa Rica enjoys a great diversity of climates, flora and fauna.
Costa Rica has preserved its invaluable bio-diversity in protected areas that cover about a quarter of the entire territory. No other country in the world has so much protected area per capita.
Costa Rica is a paradise for the adventurous tourist, here you can enjoy water rafting, kayaking, diving, hiking the rain forest, wind surf, or just enjoy a peaceful vacation at its beautiful beaches on both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

The official language is Spanish, but many Costa Ricans may speak a little English or French, as both languages are taught officially in the Public Education System.

The vast majority (about 90%) of the Costa Rican population is Catholic, but other religious beliefs are freely practiced and all are protected by law.

Costa Rica's time zone is GMT - 6, the same as North American Central Standard Time. Daylight savings time is not observed.

The Costa Rican currency is the Colon. The exchange rate varies constantly, but up to date is about 550 colones to US$1.

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Holiday guanacaste - Cabinas Cristina
Holiday guanacaste

Suggested items to have during your stay in Costa Rica:
Insect  repellant - Sun block with high SPF - Sunglasses with UV  protection - Waterproof sandals - Hats or caps - More than one swimsuit - Binoculars.